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savita bhabhi

18.1 Savita saying “I have found out that Jwala is in the jungle camp” — “We need to get there somehow”. Kaamesh “Ok, I will make sure we get moved over there” — “But once we are there it is all up to you”
18.2 NARRATOR TEXT: “That night Savita is blindfolded and bundled into a jeep. When the blindfold is opened, she finds herself in a cloth tent in the middle of the jungleā€. View of Savita inside a tent looking around. Savita thinking “Let me go out and check”
18.3 View from outside the tent. We can see Savita pushing aside the covers and coming out of the tent. There is a dacoit standing outside the tent. Dacoit looking at Savita with a smirk on his face. Saying “Roam around woman. But do not try to escape” — “You will never be able to get out of this jungle alive”
18.4 Far off view. Savita looking at dacoit. Behind the dacoit hiding behind a tree is Kaamesh. He is signaling out to Savita to come there.

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