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savita bhabhi

19.1 Savita and Kaamesh behind a tree. Kaamesh looking sideways suspiciously saying “I have managed to contact the special task force. They are outside the camp.” — “But Jwala is heavily guarded, and we do not want to take a risk of him escaping during a gun battle.” — “So you somehow need to get him away from his guards and outside the camp.”
19.2 Kaamesh pointing to one side saying “I saw Jwala at a clearing on that side” — “You should go there.”
19.3 Far off view. Jwala is sitting down on a wooden log and two dacoit bodyguards are standing by him near a clearing surrounded by trees. Savita is just coming out of the forest into the clearing. She is looking at them. She is thinking “Oh my god, that’s the dreaded gangster Jwala!”
19.4 Savita near to the three men. She is looking at Jwala and says “Are you Jwala Gadar?” One of the bodyguards is looking at her angrily. Bodyguard puts his hand on her shoulder keeping her away. Saying “Hey you, stay away”

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