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savita bhabhi

20.1 Jwala looking at Savita lustfully. We can see Savita’s figure. He is thinking “It’s been so long I’ve seen a woman” — “And that too such a hot one!” Bodyguard still holding her shoulder.
20.2 Jwala and Savita looking at each other. Jwala says “Let her go” — “Yes, I am the famous dacoit Jwala Gadar” – “Police of three states are after me, but will never be able to capture me!” Bodyguard moves backwards, let’s go of Savita.
20.3 Savita looking at him seductively. Her finger in her lips. SB thinking “He really has a great opinion of himself. Better get him captured fast, it’s time to use my WMD*”
Narrators note at bottom of page : “WMD : Weapon of Male Destruction”
20.4 Savita now looking at Jwala with a lustful look. She has her hands playing with her cleavage exposing a little more. Saying “Don’t you feel lonely here? Without any women at all.”

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