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savita bhabhi

21.1 Jwala staring at Savita’s boobs. She now had her finger on her tit and its poking out thru the cloth. Jwala saying “I am way too busy for all that!”
21.2 Savita looking down at Jwala’s dick. Jwala has a hardon. Savita thinking “Hmmm, looks like he’s thinking about it now at least!” Inset close-up of Jwala’s hardon.
21.3 Savita sits next to Jwala. With a sexy look saying “Hmm, such strong shoulders and arms. I’m sure you are well endowed in other areas too”

21.4 Jwala now blankly staring at Savita’s cleavage. Says “Of course, I am the strongest and bravest dacoit in India”. Savita with a mischievous smile says “Yes of course, but thats not what I meant”

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