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savita bhabhi

23.1 Savita’s hand is now on his dick. His bodyguards are looking in the other directions. SB says “Listen, I know we can’t do anything here. Why don’t you tell your bodyguards you want to take a walk” — “Take me out into the forest and I’ll show you what a woman can do for you.”
23.2 Jwala saying “Ok, hold on”
23.3 Jwala saying something to his bodyguards (show hazy text). Savita sitting down and thinking “That’s it. I’ve done it!” –“As soon as I take him out, the Indian task force will capture him and I’m free”
23.4 Jwala holding Savita by the arm pulling her up. He has a lustful look on his face. Says “Come on, let me tell you more about me”

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