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savita bhabhi

24.1 Jwala and Savita alone in another wooded area. There is a grassy area and a chopped tree stump there. Savita thinking “We are outside his camp now. The police must be nearby”
24.2 Jwala looking at Savita with lust now. Says “Ok woman, show me what you got” — “Let me make your dreams come true”. SB looking scared and looking at the trees on her left, not at Jwala. She is thinking “Where are those guys?”
24.3 SB thinking “Oh! I should have known. In every Hindi movie also the police is always late” — “I have to stall for time and keep him here”
24.4 SB now looking at Jwala with a seductive look pulling down her dress to show more cleavage. Says “I have a lot to show. What do you want to see first?”

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