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savita bhabhi

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29.1 Savita sitting on the tree stump pulling her pants and underwear down. They are near her knees. Jwala standing with his hand holding his hard dick looking at her. Jwala saying “Yes, take off your clothes fast. Let me show you how a real man fucks”
29.2 View from Jwala’s eyes. Savita sitting with her legs spread wide completely naked. We can see her wet pussy. With a seductive look on her face she is saying “Come and do it. My pussy is all yours!”
29.3 Jwala carries SB up in the air with both hands and holding her pussy near his hard dick. Savita looking shocked thinking “What is he doing?!”

29.4 Still holding her in the air, he pushes his dick into her pussy. Savita with a pained expression on her face, eyes closed shouting “Ahhh! You’ve shoved it right inside my pussy!”

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