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savita bhabhi

5.1 View from the front side. Savita has a confused expression on her face. Her eyes are looking towards the ski guys hand’s near her boobs. Savita thinking “This guy is getting a little too comfortable with me” — “But what the heck, I am on holiday. Might as well enjoy myself”
5.2 Ski guy has moved a little more to the side of Savita and his hands are now completely feeling her boobs from the side. Ski guy thinking “Wow, her boobs are so soft. I bet her nipples must have become rock hard in this cold.”
5.3 Very close up view of ski guy’s hand on Savita’s boobs. We can see her nipples poking out from underneath her dress.
5.4 Ski guy thinking “Oh man, I’ve got my hands almost completely on her boobs. This is giving me such a hardon” — “I have to feel her nipples, will never get such a chance again”

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