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savita bhabhi

6.1 Front view of Ski guy with his hands now completely on Savita’s boobs. He is looking down at her boobs with lust. Saying “Little straighter madam, little straighter”
6.2 Extreme close-up of ski guys hands pressing into Savita’s boobs and her nipple poking out in between his fingers.
6.3 In this scene we have to show a dacoit standing up the hill looking down at the scene of 6.2. The camera has to be just behind the dacoit so we can see him hiding behind a tree with a gun in his hand and looking at the scene below. We should be able to see Savita and the ski instructor far away from the ski lodge and a few other people in the distance. The dacoit should only be shown as a dark shadow. This drawing will be similar to SB episode 6 panel 3.2 of Manoj and friends looking at the girls bathing

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