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savita bhabhi

7.1 Scene of the ski guy with his hands on Savita’s boobs. But both of them are looking shocked looking at the dacoit in front of them. His face is completely covered. Dacoit saying “Come with me!”
Dacoit’s physique has to be similar to Kaamesh from sexy shopping
7.2 Ski guy running away with a look of terror on his face. The dacoit has got Savita by her hand and pulling her. Savita looking scared screaming “Nooo…”

7.3 Far off scene from the ski lodge. We can see the dacoit and Savita at the edge of a forest right up the ski slope. The dacoit is pulling her into the forest.

7.4 Inside the forest. Savita looking at the dacoit scared. Dacoit says “Savita!”

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