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savita bhabhi

8.1 The dacoit with one hand removing the cloth covering his face. We can see it is Kaamesh. Savita has a shocked expression on her face. Savita “Kaamesh! Is that you?”
8.2 TEXT: Kaamesh tells Savita that he is actually an undercover officer for a special task force of the police. He has infiltrated the dreaded Jwala Gadar gang. He needs her help to get close to Jwala and capture him. After she gets over her initial fear and Kaamesh convinces her to do this for her country, Savita agrees… Draw a very light background picture of Kaamesh and Savita talking. On top of the background picture we should have this text.
8.3 Kaamesh looking at Savita with a handkerchief in his hand. He says “Ok, Savii. Now I will have to drug you. As soon as you pass out I will take you to the Dacoit’s camp”
8.4 Kaamesh has the handkerchief on Savita’s nose and mouth. Her eyes are closed and she is lying unconscious in his arms.

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